10 Wonderful Kanya Pujan Gift Ideas

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Kanjak, or Kanya Pujan, is the Hindu festival celebrated on the eighth or ninth day of the Navratri festival. On this auspicious day, pre-adolescent girls are honored and revered as the embodiment of Goddess Durga. Showering them with gifts is an integral part of the celebration, symbolizing love and blessings. If you’re looking for the perfect Kanya pujan gift ideas we’ve got you covered.

1: Mandala Coloring Book

Encourage creativity with this coloring book featuring over 80 special animal mandalas, such as: turtles, birds of paradise, exotic fish, lion, snakes any many more beautiful & fascinating animals.

Give the gift of creativity! Pair the book with a set of coloring pencils or crayons for a complete gift.

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2: Brain Teaser Puzzle

Stimulate young minds with this brain teaser, “Foldology”. 100 puzzles in total, 5 difficulty levels, 50+ hours of fun. Ranges from very easy, to extremely complex! No origami experience required.

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3: DIY 3D String Art Kit

Unveil and Ignite Creativity for Kanya Pujan: Create a stunning DIY light-up string-art star lantern with this 3D kit. Simply inflate the star balloon, soak the string in the special glue, wrap it around the star, let it dry, remove the balloon, and voilà! You now have a beautiful 3D String Star Lantern.

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4: Bunny Toy Gift Set

Your girl will love these! Teach her how to protect and care for the little bunnies – not just one, but a whole family to play and cuddle with. Includes soft and fluffy pink mommy, 2 white baby bunnies, baby doll blanket and extra large white furry purse / handbag.

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5: Ultimate Hair Accessories Set

Add a touch of whimsy and flair to your little one’s hairstyle with this delightful collection of hair accessories. Designed with vibrant colors and enchanting patterns, these eye-catching accessories will make every day a good hair day for her!

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6: Girls Unicorn Stationary Set

Let her unicorn creativity shine! This stationary set includes letters, cards, envelopes, pens, erasers, stamps, stickers and many more. They will love this for many years to come!

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7: Insulated Lunch Box

She will absolutely LOVE this premium design, highly durable and insulated lunchbox – designed to keep her lunch warm, leak-proof and clean. Keeps drinks and food warm or hot, for many hours – and the shoulder strap is adjustable and detachable. How do you like this for our kanya pujan gift ideas?

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8: Hedbanz Picture Guessing Game

The classic hedbanz game has now many different varieties – new topics, style and art illustrations that the whole family will love. Check out this fun, quick and engaging card game!

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