How To Make Viral TikTok Glass Bottle Stairs Videos

tiktok viral glass bottle stairs videos
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If you’re on TikTok, you’ve probably seen the latest trend – the Glass Bottle Stairs Challenge. This trend, which involves rolling various glass bottles down a flight of stairs, has taken TikTok by storm, with videos amassing hundreds of millions of views. But why just watch when you can be a part of the action?

@asmr_pote Garrafa na escada. Bottle on stairs #satisfying #asmr #satisfyingsound #satisfyingvideos #asmrtiktok ♬ som original – Asmr Pote

In this post, we’re going to dive into this trend, and more importantly, guide you on how you can recreate it at home.

The beauty of the Glass Bottle Challenge lies in its simplicity and ASMR-ability. Each bottle, whether filled with colorful marbles, champagne, or even olives, meets a different fate as it tumbles down the stairs. The suspense, the shattering glass, the unexpected outcomes – it’s a spectacle that’s as thrilling to watch.

The sound of glass clinking, the sight of objects in motion, and the anticipation of what happens next all contribute to a unique ASMR experience that’s both satisfying and oddly relaxing.

1. Materials

To recreate the TikTok Glass Bottle Stairs Trend, you’ll need a variety of glass bottles. Consider different sizes and shapes for variety. You might also want to fill some of these bottles with interesting items, such as colorful marbles, glitter, or even liquids of different colors.

Wine Bottles

These flat-bottomed, screw-top wine bottles are perfect for the challenge. They’re sturdy and have a nice roll to them.

glass bottles for tiktok videos stairs

Mason Jars

These mason jars are also a very popular choice; they allow you to fit more marbles / food / drinks, making the blast bigger.

mason jars tiktok stairs
mason jars used for tiktok videos

Champagne Bottles

These mini champagne bottles are thicker and might not break as easily, adding an element of suspense.

mini champagne bottles

Fillings: of course, this is the most important bit. You can fill these bottles with whatever you want – seriously, let your imagination run wild.

However, we have found that even though you can mix several things together (such as: olives and marbles, liquids and solids), marbles are always a good foundation for any idea. You can mix them up with anything and it will still look satisfying.

Glass Marbles

glass marbles different colours

These colorful marbles can create a beautiful effect when the bottle breaks.

Colorful Marbles

colourful marbles

These assorted marbles add a variety of colors to your video, making it visually appealing.


glitter, TikTok Glass Bottle

This glitter can create a sparkling explosion when the bottle breaks, adding a magical touch to your video.

Small Beads

small beads, TikTok Glass Bottle

These small beads can add an element of surprise to your video. They come in a variety of colors, making the effect even more exciting.

2. Safety First

Safety is really important when dealing with sharp glass parts. Do not skip this step out of laziness. The safety glasses and protective gloves provide essential protection against potential injuries from flying or broken glass shards. By prioritizing safety, you can fully enjoy the excitement of the trend without worrying about unnecessary risks.

Safety Glasses: These DEWALT safety glasses provide excellent protection and have a comfortable fit, ensuring your eyes are safe during the challenge.

safety glasses for tiktok video challenge to go viral and stay safe

Protective Gloves: These DEX FIT gloves are resistant to cuts, perfect for handling and cleaning up broken glass. They’re also comfortable and washable.

protective gloves to keep safe

3. Location

a flight of stairs, made from dark marble

Find a suitable flight of stairs where you can safely roll the bottles down. Make sure it’s an area where you can easily clean up afterward and where there’s no risk of injury to bystanders. From what we have seen, marble stairs are the best.

4. Set up the camera (phone)

You’ll need to set up a camera or your phone in a secure location where it can clearly record the bottles rolling down the stairs. Make sure the area is well-lit so your video is clear. You can use some light effects when recording these TikTok Glass Bottle Stairs videos.

Something like this phone LED attachment light would help you to light up the area perfectly:

an LED attachment for phones, TikTok Glass Bottle

5. Let the good times… ROLL!

Now comes the fun part! One by one, gently roll your bottles down the stairs and capture the results. Remember, the unpredictability is part of the fun, so don’t worry if things don’t go exactly as planned.

6. Clean Up

After you’ve finished recording, it’s time to clean up. You’ll need a broom and dustpan to sweep up the larger pieces of glass, and a vacuum to pick up any smaller shards. Be thorough to ensure all glass is removed.

This broom and dustpan set features dense bristles and an angled head, perfect for sweeping up glass shards. The dustpan has a rubber edge for effective collection of glass pieces.

a cleaning up broom

For your stairs, we can recommend the following product that handles marbles, tiles and more!

This handheld vacuum from Black+Decker is perfect for picking up any tiny shards that might have been missed during sweeping.

a black and decker hand vacuum, useful when recording tiktok glass bottles falling down stairs videos which go viral

Always prioritize safety when performing the challenge and during cleanup. Enjoy joining the TikTok Glass Bottle Stairs Trend!

Participating in popular trends like this TikTok Glass Bottle Stairs Trend can enable you to make money online. When your videos gain traction and attract a large number of views, it increases your visibility on the platform, potentially attracting brand partnerships and sponsorships. Additionally, TikTok has a Creator Fund that pays creators for their content based on the number of views.

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