AI Artificial intelligence gifts

Step aside, human intelligence! It’s time to upgrade to Artificial Intelligence! Our AI products are designed to make your life easier, more efficient, and definitely more entertaining. With cutting-edge technology, these products know just what you need before you do. So sit back, relax, and let the machines do the work for you! (But please don’t let them take over the world…yet) 😛

AI Toothbrush from Oral-b

This Oral-B toothbrush has learned from thousands of human brushing behaviors and instantly recognizes your brushing style.
Bring AI to your daily routine!

AI Assistive Reader

OrCam Read has been recognized with the top CES 2021 Best of Innovation Award, in the Accessibility category! OrCam Read is a handheld personal reader, powered by pioneering computer vision and artificial intelligence technology, for people with dyslexia, other reading and learning disabilities or visual impairments.

Artificial Intelligence: From Medieval Robots to Neural Networks

“This is an addictive stroll through the annals of artificial intelligence, highlighting almost 100 innovations developed between 1300 BCE and 2018” (Booklist).

DIY Robot Kit with Infrared & AI Sensors

KikoRobot.962 is similar to the older award-winning model, equipped with the same I/R (infrared) and AI (artificial intelligence) technology that made the original a fan favorite, but features an improved gearbox and an eight-leg design.

AI Robot Vacuum w/ Alexa

The Roomba 694 takes vacuuming off your mind with personalized cleaning suggestions powered by the unique intelligence of iRobot OS. Learns your habits and your routines..Runtime : 90 minutes

AI-Powered Mobile Camera Robot

Novelty robot camera – Scout helps you to monitor from afar with no blind spots, two-way audio supported. The video robot follows pre-programmed path to patrol 24/7 and auto-docks to the charger.

AI Humanoid Robot

Great for many occasions: Waitress function – deliver the meal to the guest’s designated table, then explain the restaurant information, the waiter or the guest touches the robot’s screen and the robot goes to the next table or returns to the starting point to charging.Multi-point Delivery Robot can deliver the food to one table, can also deliver the good to three different tables in one order. Business Explanation It can play advertising information such as audio, pictures, video, etc. or related promotional content to display new product features and related service Fun Chat Robot has good interaction with guest and has a fun talk, can answer any of question for guest.

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach

The long-anticipated revision of ArtificialIntelligence: A Modern Approach explores the full breadth and depth of the field of artificialintelligence (AI). The 4th Edition brings readers up to date on the latest technologies,presents concepts in a more unified manner, and offers new or expanded coverageof machine learning, deep learning, transfer learning, multi agent systems,robotics, natural language processing, causality, probabilistic programming,privacy, fairness, and safe AI.